Status of the Sanitary Industry

Branding Operation is the Growth Needs

Sanitary industry in China has experienced 20 years of development. In 2009, China has become the world’s largest production of sanitary products and sales country. But look at the domestic sanitary ware brands, no one company can account for 10% of the market share in domestic sanitary market. And high-end sanitary ware markets are occupied by imported brands. It is difficult to get involved in domestic brands. The reason is that domestic brands lack the brand power. The strength of the brand can be fully embodies through the analysis of the imported brands. TOTO and Kohler have just entered the domestic market for fifteen years, they have already been the leading brand in China sanitary industry, whether it is from the brand awareness or attention, is far more than domestic brands; American Standard and Roca, although in recent years the situation is poor, but also occupy a relatively large share of the domestic market. These brands have been for decades or even centuries of history, but they are in the rapid development of the Chinese market, the product strength fast transition to the brand power is their key status today.

Diversification Development Trend of Sanitary Industry

Since the sanitary industry development, diversification of the brand has been the industry’s hot topic, one party is adhere to the road of professional development, “Because of focus, so is professional, professional is the best. There are many successful examples, especially the abroad many high-end brands such as Hansgrohe, Grohe, Villeroy & Boch, Kaldewei, etc., are all based on the production of specialized products and professional and become famous in the world. Negative examples such as Jishi Duo, the early professional production leading company, once known in the industry as 鈥渓eading of the leading”, is the only one in China has the ability to compete with foreign brands, it extends later to ceramics, bathroom furniture and cabinets, but it did not experience the final test of the market and was acquired. The other party advocates the diversification of the brand, only by the expansion of production lines and expanding product categories, we can quickly complete the accumulation of capital and market share.

Brand integration of Sanitary Ware Industry

With the development of the sanitary ware industry, it will inevitably experience the brand integration, especially since the 2008 financial crisis, the decline in domestic spending power and the overall decline in exports, the sanitary industry bears the brunt. A large number of domestic export-oriented brands quickly fought domestic, and many of these brands have strong production scale and certain technical strength, competition in the domestic market is bound to exacerbate. The “big fish eat small fish prawns” is inevitable, or acquisition and be acquisition, or cooperate, industry brand integration will inevitably further exacerbate.

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Money Can’t Buy 6 Pastes the Ceramic Tile Experience

PART1:Use Bright color to highlight the key

Bright blue-green color gives a person the feeling of relaxed and happy, look the details of ceramic tile carefully. It is to simulate the special brush strokes in calligraphy as a pattern to carry on the design, make the expression of color is more natural and whole style lively modern.

PART2:Contrast of cold and warm color, dry and wet partition

By comparing the cold and warm color tile, dry and wet region with black bathroom space and dark red. It can make good shape space using personality, individuals can choose different colors to match according to their own interest.

Polished porcelain tile

PART3:Color contrast between the walls

The bathroom walls, the ground uses pattern identical pastes the ceramic tile, just use the wall color high pink, but the ground color Coffee lower chroma. In addition to considering the ground should use the materials more resistant to dirty, the same material, the same pattern, different color is very flattering, both change and not too loud. Polished crystal tiles, normally spread golden lines on tile surface. Luxury and noble decoration style. This tile is suitable for luxury villas, posh pubs and club and so on high-end places.

PART4:Black and white contrast is unique

Black and white classic, the wall color zone under two separate parts, simple and halfback, geotropic also choose black, and the lower part of wall cool design inspired the people into the white space of imagination for the bathroom space, large area.

PART5:Vertical and horizontal comparison in order

Rectangular tiles of the same size and shape can be used in two ways and different shop row. Horizontal vertical wall, partition wall, and partition by color, effectively separate bathroom space. The bathroom mirror also choose vertical hanging, and partition wall parallel, orderly.

PART6:The modern fashion with the beautiful

Light colors of orange, brown, and blue, white, bring heart the feeling of cool, quiet, suitable for all kinds of bathroom space area. Use similar Mosaic brick wall brick at random arrangement, modern fashion, never the same.

This article comes from Foshan TOE ceramics which supply all kinds of glazed porcelain tiles. Learn more Glazed Porcelain Tile Polished Floor Tile information, please click on the website:

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Rustic tiles belong to the building ceramics. It was mainly used for building interior and exterior decoration. With the demand of large use, they have different requirements for the anti-skid, wear-resistant, self-cleaning, antibacterial, and antistatic, the light changes and other functions. So a series of special function of antique tiles derive. In a word, the multiple functions of rustic tiles have the very broad.

Because of rustic tiles color close to the color of mud, so now people in the city use it to find that the environment with the unique charm of classical. It can Reflects the vicissitudes of life and history of the years of heavy. From the perspective of the characteristics of Rustic Glazed Porcelain Tiles, its varieties, area of design and color is more, complete specifications seize the day. In public places, they are used frequency. The polishing tiles to use 2-3 years almost dark ugly, but rustic tiles still like the same as before.

Glazed Porcelain Floor Tile

TOE ceramics can supply complete specifications, variety of colors, which can produce 150*150mm, 330*330mm, 450*450mm, 500*500mm, 600*600mm, 800*800mm, 600*900mm, and 1000*1000mm ceramic tiles. TOE ceramic also provides OEM service, can according to the customer’s samples and design customized ceramic tile. In 2008 TOE successfully sponsored Guangzhou International Women’s open the TOE brand reputation to a new level. Improve the “tile total solution space” at the same time, to provide better quality living space for the customer. In 2009, TOE launched a strong variety of specifications polished glazed products, 500*500mm, 600*600mm, 800*800mm, 600*900mm. In addition, the company also glazed tiles, floor tiles, polished glazed, ceramic stone etc…

TOE products fashionable whole world with Italy, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, South Korea and other countries large wholesalers, project traders, dealers established long-term strategic cooperative partnership. TOE ceramics for large projects and large wholesalers to provide a package of customized programs do not drop quality, cost reduction for you to save purchasing cost.

Looking to the future, TOE will continue to innovation in the antique brick, polished glazed areas to explore, and has introduced new products, to provide high taste living space for consumers, build the international well-known brand. In 2014 TOE ceramics will be started in the worldwide O2O electric chain franchise, take online promotion, experience the electric O2O engineering ceramic tile chain mode of transaction line, professional tooling tile market development investment.

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Navigation Market and Further Improvements of Solar Cells

A solar cell is an electrical device that converts the energy of light directly into electricity by the photovoltaic effect. It is a form of photoelectric cell. When exposed to light, it can generate and support an electric current without being attached to any external voltage source.

off grid solar power system

SPC approached companies making navigational buoys as a natural market for their products, but found a curious situation. The primary company in the business was Automatic Power, a battery manufacturer. Realizing that solar cells might eat into their battery profits, Automatic had purchased a solar navigation aid prototype from Hoffman Electronics and shelved it. Seeing there was no interest at Automatic Power, SPC turned to Tideland Signal, and another battery company formed by ex-Automatic managers. The timing could not be better; the rapid increase in the number of offshore oil platforms and loading facilities produced an enormous market among the oil companies. As Tideland’s fortunes improved, Automatic Power started looking for their own supply of solar panels. 20w solar panel consist of solar cells, solar cells just like a bridge that connects sun light and solar panels.

This market combined with the 1973 oil crisis. Oil companies were now cash-flush due to their huge profits during the crisis, but were also acutely aware that their future success would depend on some other form of power. Over the next few years, major oil companies started a number of solar firms, and were for decades the largest producers of solar panels. Exxon, ARCO, Shell, Amoco (later purchased by BP) and Mobil all had major solar divisions during the 1970s and 1980s. Technology companies also had some investment, including General Electric, Motorola, IBM, Tyco and RCA. 140w solar panel and 20w solar panel etc. are composed of different amount solar cells.

In the time since Berman’s work, improvements have brought production costs down under $1 a watt. Panels in the 1990s and early 2000s generally used 5 inch (125 mm) wafers, and since 2008 almost all new panels use 6 inch (150 mm) cells. The widespread introduction of flat screen televisions in the late 1990s and early 2000s led to the wide availability of large sheets of high-quality glass, used on the front of the panels. In terms of the cells themselves, there has been only one major change. During the 1990s, polysilicon cells became increasingly popular. These cells offer less efficiency than their monosilicon counterparts, but they are grown in large vats that greatly reduce the cost of production. was founded in 2006, which is a high-tech photovoltaic company. It specializes in the solar module, PV system project research, produce, sales and after sales service. Products get VDE, SGS, CE, CSA, MCS international certificates. From 10w~300w monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels pass test standard of IEC61215, IEC61730 & UL1703. Solar panel gets CEC from America California approval, solar system also pass America ETL. Sunny Power is strategic VIP partner of Taiwan Motech Inc. so provide powerful reassurance for high quality modules and quick delivery. Sunny Power can also offer OEM and ODM service.

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Installation of Central Air Conditioning

Tips in the Installation of Central Air ConditioningThe power of the indoor central air conditioning unitThe power of the indoor unit size is determined by a serious of factors. First, we should consider the size and orientation of the house, to judge if there is a large area of glass windows, in order to calculate the maximum coefficient of central air conditionerused simultaneously. Generally, in a normal home environment, the actual use of cold is often more than the entire room cold comprehensive, but lower than that of the latter, the former needs only about 60-70%. This saves investment and to avoid unnecessary waste.The form of the air outlet The general household central air conditioning is the flow of air side, it is a good air supply to ensure the uniformity of the temperature of the room. Sometimes for aesthetic also the air-conditioning on the cabinets above the side sending side back then you have to do, when to do side the send side back and bottom feed next time pay attention to the supply and return air to a certain distance to prevent back to the wind short circuit.THE EVAPORATIVE CONDENSING MODULARIZED CHILLERThe mounting position of the switchThe installation position of the indoor unit is mainly to take into account the circulation of the air flow to achieve as far as possible to avoid the dead angle occurs, and this can allow the temperature of the room evenly. Thermostat and light switches installed together, to be installed in accordance with the habits of the people into the room, the light switch inside, because the person entering the room is to turn on the lights and ceiling air conditioner. The installation of the thermostat to avoid the heat and air conditioning vents straight into place, so that the detected temperature will not be allowed.The installation of the outdoor air conditioning unitHome central air conditioner outdoor unit is generally installed on the platform, and there is a small number of hit hanging on the wall bracket. When is Installed on the platform, it must be done in the machine and between platforms damping treatment, generally add damping rubber mat. And hanging on the wall, to take into account the weight of the load-bearing wall and the unit’s operation, due to the heavy weight of the home central air conditioning, to hang on the wall penetrated the wall screws to secure more firmly, at the same time, the machine and stent between damping have to add a rubber’s products were awarded many kinds of titles, such as National Machinery Industry Famous Brand Products, China Top Brand and so on. Besides, Shenling has very strong R & D strength. We have established a national postdoctoral scientific research workstation and two provincial technical centers. Shenling has also constructed four state-level product performance- testing centers for packaged air conditioners, high-temperature-use air conditioners, air and water- cooled chillers.

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The Prospect of Biodegradable Paper Tableware

Biodegradable paper tableware, like paper cups, bowls, plates, trays and lunch boxes, is the most promising green tableware 21st century. Since its invention, biodegradable paper tableware is widely used in Europe, America, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong and other countries and regions. Paper tableware is beautiful, eco-friendly, high temperature resistant and oil-resistant. It quickly gained a foothold in the global market and get consumers’ recognition with the features of non-toxic, smellless, good image, good texture, biodegradable and pollution-free. It is widely used by fast food and beverage suppliers like McDonald’s, KFC, Coca-Cola, Pepsi and a number of instant noodles suppliers.

Plastic and foam tableware, which was invented 20 years ago, brings great convenience to human beings, but it also bring white pollution which is difficult to deal with. Plastic and foam tableware is hard to be recycled and they will release harmful gases when being burned. It also can not decompose and they will destroy the soil structure after it is buried. It takes the government hundreds of millions of funds to deal with the pollution problem it causes. White pollution has become a major global social problem and the world is calling for green tableware.

disposable paper plates

Currently, many European and American countries have establish regulations to prohibit the use of plastic and foam tableware. In China, many large cities have carried out laws to ban disposable plastic tableware. A global revolution in plastic tableware manufacturing industry gradually emerging. To use paper tableware instead of plastic tableware has become one of the development trend in today’s society

In order to promote the development of paper tableware, the State Economic and Trade Commission, the State Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau, Ministry of Science and the Ministry of Health issued two standards, “biodegradable disposable tableware general technical standards” and “biodegradable disposable tableware performance test methods” in Dec. 28th, 1999. These two standards have been implemented since Jan. 1st, 2000 and provided a unified technical standard for the production, sales, application and supervision for biodegradable paper plates and tableware.

With the rapid development of China’s economy and the improvement of people’s living standard, people’s awareness of health is constantly strengthened. Now disposable paper cups have become one of the necessities of people’s daily life in many developed countries and regions. It is estimated that disposable paper tableware will quickly swept our country in the next three years and it market will quickly expand.

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Office Chair Manufacturer Should Have Own Design and Features to Get Market Share

Foreign office furniture brands has entered the Chinese market since the early 1980’s, but they only provides furniture to international enterprises or large local enterprises because differentiation on style, concept and price. After China entered WTO, Chinese furniture enterprises paid more attention to office furniture design and research, as well as market development, and some of them turned into professional office furniture or office chair manufacturer and developed in a rapid speed. These Chinese enterprises have design concepts more closely to Chinese people, high quality products with competitive prices. After a decade of development, they are gradually catching up with the international pace with more understanding of office environment, employee privacy, and ergonomics.

Foreign furniture brands pay more attention to the integration of the office environment, and they pursue the balance among freedom, privacy, functionality and simple. The first foreign enterprises entered Chinese market all have their unique characteristics on open designs, multi-functionality and ergonomic designs. They are leading the industrial trend and occupying the high-end market. Their office chairs are all used in industries which has high requirements of office environment, like high-tech industry, finance, finance and accounting, laws, etc.

In recent years, office furniture industry is developing fast and their brand and design awareness are improved. The government has introduce relevant national standards in view of office furniture terms and definitions, classification, requirements, test methods, inspection rules, instructions for use, labeling, transport and storage. These general technical requirements of the standard is made according to both international standards and domestic standards, which are suitable for domestic office furniture manufacturers.

office chair design

In terms of office furniture design, many enterprises have realize its importance but are annoying with lack of design talents. To solve this problem, the government also established a number of universities and institutions, which help to train office chair designers. Thanks to this, designers increases in a rapid speed in the past two years.

With more and more designers serving Chinese office furniture enterprises, these enterprises would no longer satisfied with plagiarism, copying and low-end manufacturing. They will be more competitive in product design, increasing product add value and product quality.

Furicco is one of these enterprises which commits itself in high-end office chair design and manufacturing. It is products are with various design styles, like European design office chair, which is simple and fashionable. It also develop ergonomic office chair, which wins high market recognition both at home and abroad.

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Common Sense of Inflatable Rescue Boats

The Overview of Inflatable Rescue Boats

IRBs are made of rubber and consist of four inflatable tubes – two side tubes, a bow tube and a keelson tube. This specific feature coupled with the obvious fact that they are used in the water, has coined the term “rubber duck” or simply “duck” to describe an IRB.

inflatable rubber boat

Typically rubber speed boat is coloured a shade of red termed ‘Rescue Red’ although a particular make of craft manufactured by Arancia come in a shade of orange. They have a rigid floor piece and a rigid transom for fitting an outboard motor (usually 25 hp). This motor is capable of providing a maximum drive speed of between 25-30 knots on flat water. 2-Stroke fuel is stored in a flexible fuel bladder and is secured by 4 clips to the floor in the bow. An IRB is crewed by two people – an IRB Operator/Driver and an IRB Crewman. The Operator sits on the lower half of the port side pontoon where he operates the outboard motor to control the boat. He has foot straps to help him stay in the boat. His left hand can hold on to a strap on the port side pontoon and his right hand operates the outboard motor by means of a tiller arm and throttle. The Crewman sits on the upper half of the starboard side pontoon. A handle is attached by a rope to the nose of the boat for him to hold with his left hand, while his right hand may hold a strap attached to the starboard pontoon. He balances the boat and allows it to go over large waves before they break without flipping. He also assists when going through a breaking wave, commonly referred to as “punching-through”. Two foot straps are available for his feet, but it is recommended when punching a wave to only have one foot in a strap.

Brief history of Inflatable Rescue Boats

In 1969, after returning from life guard duties in the UK, Warren Mitchell of the Avalon Surf Lifesaving Club, had the idea for a inflatable rescue boats that could be deployed quickly under varying surf conditions and was adaptable to different Australian beaches. The first IRB he developed was in conjunction with the Dunlop Company and utilised a 20 hp outboard motor. It measured four metres in length and set the precedence for the familiar IRB we now use today. established in 1998, has dedicated to become a manufacturer of high quanlity inflatable boats, RIBs and Fiberglass yacht.SY Sports & Deltabay Company adopts the Computer Aided Design and Drafting Systems (CADD ) to realize the inflatable boat designing.

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New Beauty Equipment – Foot Patch

Foot patch is now more and more popular in health and beauty field. Instead of medicine and equipment, it uses herbal ways to keep us healthy. The foot patch can promote metabolism, promote sleep, relieve fatigue, treat constipation, bad breath, and abdominal distention phenomenon; activated cells expel moisture to ease the pressure of the foot and joints.


Traditional Chinese medical theory said that, the feet have many acupoints. Every acupoint represents every part of your body. So if by massaging feet you feel hurt, check the hurt part and then you will know what鈥檚 wrong with which part of your body. The foot patch is sticking in plantar, the plantar reflex zones are stimulated, and the blood circulation is promoted to provide sufficient power to the subcutaneous tissue of the transporter protein, percutaneous absorption of the drug in the role of transporter proteins, along with the blood circulation into the body of harmful substances transdermal exclude the effect of the transporter protein. That can promote human health.


Based on efficacy and ingredients, foot patch can be divided into:

1. Hypnotic sedative foot patch

2. detox foot patch

3. Slimming foot patch

4. Blood press reducing foot patch

5. Kidney healthy foot patch

6. Hypoglycemic foot patch

7. Vinegar foot patch

Applicable for

1. Beauty care

2. Constipation, bad breath, body odor, foot odor

3. Sub-health people

4. Computer workers with work pressure and long-term radiation

5. Prolonged standing and walking people

6. Pain and swelling at neck, shoulders, waist, leg

How to use foot patch

1. Cleaning the foot with hot water foot bath prefered

2. Put the ventilation holes side of foot patch to the foot with adhesive tape fixed

3. Lying down and 8 hours later removing the patch

Foot patch features

1. It is a simple, quick, painless, comfortable, relaxing, and gentle home physical therapy

2. Strengthen metabolism, promote sleep

3. Safe discharge of harmful toxins and heavy metal is a modern company integrates research, package, OEM/ODM, sales, and service. Our company covers an area of 20,000 square meters, construction area of 7,000 square meters, advanced production facilities. We are trying our best to build the three major product lines trump card: health care product line, cosmetic line, customized products.

Feature products:

DETOX FOOT PATCH: We have been a professional manufacturer of detox foot patches for 8 years. We mainly supply OEM detox foot patches with your desired ingredients and customized functions or our normal formulation ingredients for many companies all over the world.

Hot/Cold Stone massage

Derma roller

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Brief Introduction of Foot Patch

Foot patch is a traditional Chinese medicine pedicure health care product applying medicine on planta pedis.

Foot patch classification

According to different efficacy and ingredients, foot patch can be divided into: the hypnotic sedative foot paste, acne treating foot patch, slimming foot patch, blood pleasure foot patch, kidney tonifying foot patch, blood glucose reducing foot patch, detox foot patch, wood vinegar foot patch and bamboo vinegar foot patch, etc.


Foot patch can promote metabolism, promote sleeping, relieve fatigue, improve constipation, bad breath, and abdominal distention phenomenon, activate cells, expel moisture, and cope with the pressure of the planta pedis and joints.

Applicable People

Foot Patch is suitable for people who want to take beauty treatment, who suffer from constipation, bad breath, body odor, foot odor, who are in the group of sub-health, who work on computers, who suffer high work pressure and long-term radiation, who stand and walk for long time, whose necks, shoulders, waist, legs pain, and who are tired on feet and legs.

Use steps

1. Wash the feet, especially good with hot water.

2. Stick the side with ventilation holes of the foot patch to the sole of the feet and fix it with adhesive tape.

3. Lie down or lie on the side. Remove the foot patch eight hours later.

Distinguish Whether Foot Patch Is True or False

The basic ingredients of foot patch powder are bamboo vinegar powder and wood vinegar powder. The genuine wood vinegar powder and bamboo vinegar powder products are red as the tree vinegar color after high temperature refining, with thick medicine vinegar smell. But bogus powders are dark gray with light vinegar smell and taste like table vinegar.

Qualified products are packaged strictly while bogus products are packaged simply and there is often leakage of powder.

After being used, qualified foot patch will become reddish-brown or yellow-brown while fake foot patch will come black. is a modern company integrates research, package, OEM/ODM, sales, and service. Our company covers an area of 20,000 square meters, construction area of 7,000 square meters, advanced production facilities. We try our best to build the three major product lines trump card: health care product line, cosmetic line, produced highly favorable customer products of the day. We have been a professional manufacturer of detox foot patches for 8 years. We mainly supply OEM detox foot patches with your desired ingredients and customized functions or our normal formulation ingredients for many companies all over the world.

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Foot Patch Healthcare Market Need Purification

Foot Patch Market in China

Detoxification, health and beauty are the most popular health topics in recent years. A new healthcare product is very popular in South Korea and Japan in early 2005, it swept over the world and quietly rising 鈥?the foot detox paste made by the main component of natural bamboo vinegar is widely favored by consumers. Foot Patch, due to its novel form and the actual visible effect, has become a fashion nowadays and approved to be new health care products by most white-collar workers. However, when the first batch of products made in China foot patch gets good market performance, many enterprises follow up and attracted many investment enterprises blindly to follow. Some companies is purely for the purpose of making a profit, wanton exaggerate the efficacy of the product. This behavior has seriously disrupted the original foot patch emerging market stability and order, and also caused worry concerns of consumers. Many false foot patches in the markets, hype is a wrong orientation, and greatly harm the interests of consumers and the normal development of the foot patch industry. Tested by China’s authoritative testing organizations, Detox Foot Patch can detoxifies and improve sleep.

To qualified enough affixed characteristics

The qualified Detox Foot Patches products are launched in the market and detected and approved by medicine professional organizations, and the competent authorities of the State Pharmaceutical Department. Only the good security product consumers can make customer rest assured for long-term use. Qualified foot patch gets the national formal approval number of health supplies, acute toxicity test is a non-toxic level, skin irritation and sensitization are no stimulation, no sensitization; product is tested by modern pharmacological methodologies, has the functions of anti- inflammation, analgesia and the role of microcirculation, relieve rheumatic pains, awakened meridian, swelling and pain, effectively dispel body moisture and discharge the toxins, clean skin, discharge stuck in the body of toxins and waste , eliminate fatigue, relieve and alleviate the pressure of the foot and joints, to regulate the body balance, health effects of mitigation and promote rehabilitation.

Popularity Reasons of Foot Patch

Foot patch produces effect through a variety of natural ingredients combined effects affixed to the bag, the reflex zones of the foot acupuncture points and meridians, the body’s waste points from the intercept, and resolve to paste bag. As for the reasons foot patch becomes popular, there are basically four points: first, foot patch product is based on the Chinese medicine Reflexology theory, which is deeply rooted in the hearts of the Chinese people and the theory gets the recognition of today’s white-collar workers; second, consumers have generally accepted “detox” concept ; third, foot patch operation is better than other pedicures way, so it can offer a more convenient way for the busy working white-collar workers who are under the weight of pressure to find a good way to rest and keep fit; foot patch is the feet “medicine”, compared with the traditional oral way, it also gives people a sense of security. is a modern company integrates research, package, OEM / ODM, sales, and service. We are always trying our best to build the three major product lines trump card: health care product line, cosmetic line, produced a highly favorable customer product of the day. Welcome to visit our website for more details!

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